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  • IT IS TIME to elect a public servant and experienced leader to represent you.

    Dr. Summers service to her country:

    Military Wife - Married to Iraq War Veteran
    Chief Medical Officer - 22 yrs. at Fort Jackson MEPS

    Dr. Summers service to her community:
    School Board Trustee - Lexington 1 School District for 8 years
    Volunteer Board Member - Sickle Cell Foundation for 10 years 
  • IT IS TIME to stop sending representatives to the State House who make promises they can't keep.
  • IT IS TIME to replace political talking points with today's reality.  Candidates accept campaign donations and work to represent the interest of their donors once elected.
  • IT IS TIME to send a public servant to the State House who will not accept campaign donations from organizations, corporations, or individuals.
  • IT IS TIME to elect Diane Summers to be your next representative.

  • IT IS TIME to make your vote count.


Committee to Elect Diane Summers
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